Mariner Montessori School offers the following Extracurricular programs.  These programs are taught by independent providers.


Creative Movement Dance

Mariner Montessori proudly presents, the Creative Movement Dance Class for Girls and Boys for age 2 years old and up. Our instructor, Miss Isadora Mangino, is one of the best dancing instructors in Houston. Creative Movement Dance is a joyful way for children to explore movement through dance and music to helps stimulate curiosity, imagination and promote creativity.

Miss Isadora is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and researcher of the movement. Her training has been in the ISA (Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, one of the most important opera houses in the world). She is a Finalist of the first Tango contest  in Buenos Aires. For more than 20 years, she has been working on teaching ballet, tango, modern dance with children and adults.  


Soccer Shots - The Children’s Soccer Experience

Mariner Montessori are pleased to partner with Soccer Shots to bring their classes to our students. Soccer shot was named official Two to Five-Year-Old Soccer program of US Youth Soccer. Their promise is to deliver best-in-class Coaching, Communication & Curriculum!  


Ballet Class for 3-6 years old, boys and girls

Mariner Montessori proudly present “Summer - Ballet Class for 3-6 years old, boys and girls”. In the class, the first routines of the ballet - bar, center, diagonals - are introduced gradually, while continuing to develop proper alignment and placement.


Taekwondo for 3-6 years old, boys and girls

Mariner Montessori is pleased to partner with Bayou City Dragon Martial Art to offer their Taekwondo classes to our students. It is our honor to have Mr. Oscar Valvede, who is the founder of the organization, coming to teach the class himself. He is currently a Taekwondo and Kung Fu 2nd degree black belt. The class will be focusing mainly on self-discipline and better socialization skills. It will also implant the importance of focus and mindfulness into their little minds.